The shocking picture of the baby at the edge of the cliff. Image Credit: Al Marsad

Manama: Social media in Saudi Arabia have been buzzing over a shocking picture of a baby placed at the edge of a high cliff taken reportedly as a souvenir photo.

The picture widely circulated on the Internet was taken at the popular destination of Dikkat Al Al Halwani, the top of Al Hada Mountain overlooking Makkah's highways in western Saudi Arabia, Saudi news site Al Marsad reported on Tuesday.

Media users were unrelenting in their criticism of the people who put the life of the baby at risk for the sake of a picture.

"This is creepily irresponsible and there should be stringent action against whoever is behind it," Salem posted.

Om Badr called for tough laws against those who take high risks for the sake of a picture.

"Seeking thrills through pictures does not mean endangering lives and behaving in a scary and creepy manner," she said.

Social media user "Pokemon" called for a massive police presence at the cliff destination.

"This is a popular spot and it is visited by people from different social, cultural and national backgrounds — so there has to be a close monitoring. A baby is such a wonderful treasure and should be treated with care and attention, not placed at the edge of a high cliff and exposing him to great danger," he said.

For SimSim, the baby's parents should be taken to jail for their abuse.

"They obviously do not appreciate the blessing of having a baby."