Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (right) and the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan hold talks in Jeddah. Image Credit: Photo courtesy of SPA

Cairo: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan held talks on boosting ties between the two countries and efforts against terrorism.

The talks were held following the arrival of the Pakistani premier for an official visit to the kingdom.

During the talks held in the Saudi city of Jeddah, emphasis was laid on the depth of relations between the kingdom and Pakistan and the importance of expanding their cooperation and coordination in all fields, the Saudi news agency SPA reported.

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and Khan signed an agreement establishing a Saudi-Pakistani higher coordination council.

They also exchanged views on issues of mutual interest at the regional and international levels to boost security and stability.

Peace and security

SPA quoted Imran as hailing Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz’s role in enhancing Islamic links and the kingdom’s efforts to boost regional and international peace and security.

Both sides underlined the necessity of concerted Muslim efforts to confront militancy and sectarianism as well as going ahead with joint endeavours against all aspects of terrorism.

Imran’s current trip comes at an invitation from Prince Mohammed, who visited Pakistan in 2019.