beaten bengali
Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: Saudi security authorities have arrested a Saudi citizen who appeared in a video mocking and beating an expatriate resident for wearing a face mask which was made out of the same fabric used in Saudi men’s traditional headdress.

The arrest follows an order issued by the Public Prosecution. The suspect was arrested in Abha, the capital city of Aseer Province near the Red Sea in southwest Saudi Arabia, local media reported.

The video went viral on social media showing the male expat being insulted and beaten by the Saudi male for wearing a mask made from material used in the Shemagh, also known as the Ghutrah.

Prior to the arrest, the monitoring centre, an affiliation of the public prosecution, examined the video that shows the Saudi citizen using abusive and sarcastic language and physically lashing out at the expat.

The prosecution appealed to the public to embrace the spirit of responsibility, stick to morals, as well as respecting human dignity and religious values when dealing with others.

The prosecution reaffirmed that there will be no leniency towards those who harm public security and carry out abusive practices that insult human dignity, considering it a crime punishable by law.