Sayyid Omar Al Said and his two brothers, Sayyid Adam Al Said and Sayyid Fahar Al Said, run the Yuzu farms. Image Credit: Supplied

Muscat: Getting a job in ubiquitous organisations, with a job profile matching the educational qualifications maybe the forte for many. But for a lot many Omani youth, the regular office work is not their preferred scene. Oman’s small and medium business scenario is strewn with young Omani men and women, who have taken up the cudgel and swung it to their advantage with elan.

Organic farm in Oman by Yuzuagriculture

Sayyid Omar Al Said and his two brothers, Sayyid Adam Al Said and Sayyid Fahar Al Said, run the Yuzu farms, or Yuzuagriculture as it is known popularly. One of the few organic farms in Oman, Omar and his brothers, saw an opportunity in the organic produce market and didn’t waste any time. They took a calculated plunge and have been reaping the benefits since then. Their farm is located a little away from Barka town where the brothers grow organic basil, tomatoes, kale and spinach.

Apart from dispatching their farm-fresh produce to various markets in Oman, the brothers also are known for their ready to eat salad. As word of mouth about Yuzu products spread, there has been more expansion happening in the variety of farm products and outreach to newer markets.

Hospitality, and guided tourism

While for the Al Said brothers, the smart move meant finding an untapped opportunity that existed, for Mohammed Al Hinai, Founder and Director of Aryaf Jibreen Tourism, providing customised tour services with a professional guide, well versed in Arabic and English with ease, was a ripe market that didn’t have many players.

Mohammed Al Hinai

Mohammed Al Hinai

The trust and goodwill that Mohammed has helped earn for his company have come with consistent hard-work, round the clock services and fair market pricing. Mohammed advises youngsters to start their own ventures, without waiting to get selected in interviews for regular jobs. “The job market is very crowded and it would take a long time to end up with an offer letter. I would advice youth to start their own ventures, where their expertise lies or in a field where they find market potential. “

Food and nutrition

Yasmeen Al Alawi, another young Omani entrepreneur left her lucrative job to start what was her passion - nutritious food. Sprout Oman grew from her passion and she has been spreading the value of nutritional food since then. Now, more than before, with focus on healthy food habits, the going has been good for Sprout Oman.

The names are more in this realm and growing, as Omani youth understand their strength and spread their wings.