Many parts of Oman have been receiving rains in the last couple of days and wadis have been overflowing. Image Credit: supplied

Muscat: Oman’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has warned the possibility of rain with thunderstorm over most of the governorates of Oman, specifically in Dhofar region.

The weather has been cloudy in Dhofar region with Khareef or monsoon season in full swing and Arabian Sea along the Dhofar coast turning choppy with waves rising up to five metres. The CAA has warned beach-goers to exercise caution while venturing near and into the sea.

Al Hajar Mountains is also included among the regions that will experience rainfall and thunderstorm. Muscat and areas around it will experience strong winds during the day that could kick up dust.

Musandam, Rustaq, Sohar, Hajar Mountain range areas, and the nearby places were reported to be getting good rainfall causing wadis to overflow and disrupting traffic on roads in certain low-lying areas.

Many parts of Oman have been receiving rains in the last couple of days. Social media users were quick to post images and videos of rains pouring in at various places, and of wadis turning into fast-flowing streams.

Authorities have warned citizens as well as residents to be extremely careful when venturing out during rainy spells as the torrential speed of flooded wadis can overturn vehicles. There were a few casualties too that were reported during the recent rains.

Seeb recorded 48 degrees Celsius which is expected to be the highest, while Salalah recorded a pleasant 28 degrees Celsius as its highest. The lowest day temperature, however, was recorded by Jabal Samhan and Jabal Al Qamar at 17 degrees. Authorities have also cautioned those who are camping in the high range areas about the weather.