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Sumayil: The oldest Omani, Bashir Al Saalmi, has died at the age of 137 in Sumayil, northwest of Muscat, according to a report by Oman News Agency on Saturday.

Al Saalmi is survived by 13 children at least 300 grandchildren, the report says.

The report claims that Al Saalmi never went to hospital for treatment during his lifetime.

In his last days when was seriously ill, he was fed honey and fresh meat.

According to Al Watan, an Arabic newspaper, Al Saalmi was born in Amta village in the Wilayat of Sumail and later moved to Al Faghirah where he spent the rest of his life.  

He worked along with his father in a fish and meat market and later expanded his business to foodstuff and home appliances. He proved to be a successful merchant and trader, the paper said.

Efforts to verify his age proved futile and census officials say they do not have any records of those who claim to be above the age of 100. According to the Daily Mail the oldest man, an Indian, died at the age of 138.