Former Kuwaiti MP Musallam Al Barrak is surrounded by supporters upon his arrival from Turkey in Kuwait City, on November 17, 2021. Image Credit: AFP

Cairo: Leading Kuwaiti opposition politician Musallam Al Barrak and ex-member of parliament Khalid Al Tahous, returned home from exile in Turkey under an amnesty from the country’s Emir Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmad

Al Barrak, an ex-lawmaker, Al Tahous and three activists covered by the amnesty flew Wednesday from Istanbul to Kuwait where they were welcomed by hundreds of supporters, Kuwaiti media reported.

“I hope that not a single Kuwaiti citizen will remain outside Kuwait and everyone will return after the royal gesture,” Al Tahous said upon returning. Their comeback brings to eight the number of returnees so far from self-exile abroad.

Earlier this week ex-lawmakers Jamaan Al Herbesh, Salem Al Namlan and Mubarak Al Waalan arrived in Kuwait from Turkey after the royal amnesty.

The returnees had left Kuwait during their trial in connection to participation in the 2011 storming of the parliament by protesters who demanded the then premier Nasser Al Sabah resign. They were later handed down jail terms in absentia.

Sheikh Nawaf has issued two decrees pardoning and commuting jail terms of a total of 35 Kuwaitis..

The amnesty was long sought by the Kuwaiti opposition in the parliament to end a standoff with the government