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Dubai: A tough court ruling was issued against a man who impersonated prominent sheikhs from the kuwaiti ruling family and businessmen, and was able to embezzle millions of Kuwaiti dinars from famous people, sports players and artists, while he was inside the Central Prison, Al Qabas Newspaper reported.

In its ruling, the Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Abdullah Al Othman, sentenced the inmate to 4 years in prison with hard labor, and obliged him to return the money, which amounts to more than KD 4 million (Dhs 48 million), that he managed to swindle through the operations he carried out from inside his cell in the Central Prison.

The court also sentenced seven other defendants with varying jail terms, considering two of them as his accomplices, and were charged with money laundering, as they were aware of his scheme. And were responsible of delivering expensive gifts to his victims and convincing them that he is indeed the son of the royal family.

The court rejected all pleas made by the him, after being convinced that he was running his operations using his mobile devices inside the Central Prison, in addition to how he spent the money that he swindled. The Criminal Court also decided to refer the case to the Civil Court, where compensation for the victims was requested and the size of the damages was measured.

Many famous people and social media influencers were present at the court who were victims of the fake sheikh, who is in his twenties and is already serving a 19 year prison sentence due to other fraud charges. In court he admitted in one of his cases, saying: "Fraud and embezzlement are in my blood ... I can not give it up!"