RDS_181129 Syrian boy bullied
Jamal and his sister seen getting bullied in two separate incidents. Image Credit: Twitter

  • A video of a young Syrian boy getting bullied at a school in England went viral online
  • A couple of days later, a video showing the boy's sister getting shoved by students surfaced
  • Social media users are furious at the incident and an online fund raising page has collected money to help the family 

Dubai: Just days after a troubling video of a Syrian boy getting severely bullied in England by fellow students went viral online, a clip of his sister getting similarly treated by fellow schoolgirls has emerged.

In the video, the 15-year-old boy, who belongs to an immigrant family that fled Syria to settle in the UK is seen being pushed and choked at a school playground. He has been identified by his first name – Jamal.

The clip shows a teenage boy tackling the victim to the ground before pouring water on his face. A crowd of youngsters is seen watching and laughter is heard in the background.

The footage was shot at the at Almondbury community school, England, on October 25, and soon went viral on social media platforms with users condemning the act and asking for justice to be served.

Many like twitter user, @AssedBaig, sympathised with Jamal. He posted: “The video of the Syrian refugee boy being bullied. The way he just gets up and walks away. Just want to give him a hug and say, it’s going to be ok bro.”

However, the boy isn’t the only one in the family getting harassed. Now, a new video of his sister getting bullied by a group of girls has surfaced online.

The clip shows the girl being pushed from behind and then being pushed towards a patch of grass. She eventually falls and rolls over the grass as the bully is seen tackling her towards the end of the disturbing video. Once again, a crowd of students are seen surrounding the girl with no sign of coming to her aid.

Meanwhile, the West Yorkshire police said that they were investigating an allegation of a racially aggravated assault against a 15-year-old boy and that a 16-year-old boy is to be charged with assault, according to The Guardian.

Many social media users have taken it a step further and are sharing pictures of the alleged perpetrator, borrowed from his social media accounts.

The incidents have sparked a conversation online on racism and xenophobia across the world, as well as about the treatment of refugees.

Replying to a tweet shared about the incident, Twitter user, @JHD2606, posted: “Disgusting behaviour from that bully. Great respect to the dignity and restraint of the young Syrian boy who was treated so appallingly. The bully needs to be named and shamed.”

Whereas, tweep, Sunny Hundal, @sunny_hundal, had a suggestion: “I don’t think the child who bullied the Syrian kid should be expelled from school. He’ll only grow up to hate refugees/brown people even more. Instead, why not take him to meet a refugee family? Get him to understand the pain the boy went through?”

A sympathizer named Mohammed Tahir got in touch with Jamal’s family and started a GoFundMe page for him and his family on November 27. The account’s aim is to raise £150,000 (Dh703,929). Currently, the initiative has collected over £133,000 (Dh624,318).