Military jets fly over US cities to salute frontline workers
Military jets in US. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: AFP

Oslo: A US military aircraft with four people onboard has crashed in northern Norway, the country’s Joint Rescue Coordination Centres (JRCC) told Reuters on Friday.

The V-22 Osprey aircraft was taking part in a NATO military exercise called Cold Response when it was reported missing at 6.26pm CET (9.26pm UAE), the JRCC said.

The plane was on a training exercise and was due to land at 6pm CET (9pm UAE). There was bad weather in the area, with conditions worsening.

“We have made a find from the air,” a JRCC spokesperson told Reuters. “We found it after an emergency signal was received.”

The fate of the people onboard the aircraft was not known, he added.