Dubai: US Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday urged Nato allies to intensify the fight against the Daesh as Washington leads the military campaign against the extremist group.

“I called on every Nato ally to step up support in the fight against Daesh, striking at the organisation’s core in Syria and Iraq,” Kerry said after a meeting of foreign ministers from the 28 members states of the North Atlantic Traty Organisation in Brussels.

“A number of allies are already bringing more to this battle or are planning to increase their contributions,” he said.

Kerry also praised British Prime Minister David Cameron as Britain’s parliament looked set to vote in favour of joining the US-led bombing campaign against Daesh in Syria. Britain’s attacks are currently limited to Iraq.

“We are very pleased with efforts by prime minister Cameron to go to parliament,” Kerry said. “It is a very important step. We applaud his leadership.”

Cameron and others who back extending strikes in the wake of last month’s Paris terrorist attacks argue that they are supported by a United Nations resolution, and that allies including France and the US have asked for Britain’s help.

Royal Air Force Tornado jets are equipped with extremely precise Brimstone missiles that can reduce civilian casualties, the UK government argues.

— Compiled from agencies