Budapest: Budapest has invited Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron for an all-expenses-paid visit, after she reportedly placed the Hungarian capital in Turkey.

Turkey's capital is Ankara.

Theron had visited Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, for its International Film Festival.

But in comments reported by the British tabloid The Daily Mail, Theron erred and said she had enjoyed her stay in Turkey and its capital, Budapest.

"We went to Turkey. When we got over there, we rented a car and we drove all the way to Budapest. By the time we got to Budapest it was like the Cannes Film Festival, I'd never seen anything like it," Theron was quoted as saying.

Theron also talked about buying Turkish carpets and visiting a Turkish bazaar in Budapest, the paper said.

Budapest's Deputy Mayor Imre Ikvai-Szabo invited Theron to spend a long weekend in the city and to see its attractions, including some of Turkish origin.