Pets as coworkers
Pets taking over people's home office, hilarious posts emerge online Image Credit: Twitter

Has your pet become your coworker? As many offices across the world have asked their employees to work from home, pets are getting a new title. In pictures and videos that are going viral on social media, people's pets are seen taking over their home offices, providing a sweet relief to netizens amid difficult times as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic.

Many netizens have shared clicks of their cheeky pets calling them “coworkers”, and it’s just the content everyone one wants to see right now.

And, the new furry 'colleagues seem clearly happy to have their humans stay at home.

Like this clip Twitter account @WoofWoof_TV shared with the caption: “My new quarantine coworker is so needy, I can't get anything done.”

Tweep @landpsychology shared a similar post: “My new coworker is so helpful…”

Space issues

Pet owners shared posts of their cheeky cats and dogs taking over their home offices and working spaces.

Twitter user @stephmscribbles shared: “So, I can't work from home today as my coworker has claimed my workstation. Seems fair that I go back to bed.”

Tweep @neekstj had a similar complaint: “My coworker decided to nap at his desk which is like, fine, but now he’s talking in his sleep?”

User @ThatsSoKrahe thought that her dog needed a chat about personal space: “My coworker stole my chair. I think we need to have a discussion on boundaries in the workplace. #WorkFromHome”

Similarly, tweep @Alayanabeth thought that her ‘coworker’s’ behaviour was unacceptable: “My #coworker just clawed my ankles and chewed on my toe. Now he's groping at my feet and making aggressive noises. Is this grounds for a grievance claim?”

Whereas, user @renaissancebtch made a pun: “My coworker just got promoted to assistant branch manager.”

Have you been working from home with your pets? How has your experience been?