People adopting unique ways to cope with isolation due to coronavirus around the world Image Credit: Social media

As the world battles the deadly coronavirus, health officials are urging people to stay home and practice social distancing as much as possible. People around the world are coming up with unique ways to cope with isolation and the videos, some sweet, some quirky, will make your day.

Italians play tennis across apartment windows

Italy is one of the worst hit countries by coronavirus with over 2,500 deaths so far and the nation on a full lockdown.

However, Italians have not lost hope and are making the most of their time while under lockdown.

A video of two Italian men playing tennis out of their respective apartment windows is going viral on Twitter and it has left the internet cheering.

Twitter user @MaCaRoni_ToNy87 enjoyed it so much that he wanted it streamed: “They about to live stream this so we got something to watch. Window tennis, it’s lit.”

Fitness instructor in Spain leads workout from rooftop

People in Spain, another country that has been hit hard by the deadly virus, are not missing their daily workouts.

As Spain imposed a near-total nationwide lockdown to fight coronavirus, residents have been exercising together on their balconies led by a fitness instructor on a rooftop.

A video of the innovative workout class has gone viral on Instagram. User @maureen_andersen commented on the video: “This is awesome!”

The World Health Organization's new mental health guidelines for those self-isolating include exercise and the Spanish are taking it very seriously.

Woman shows engagement ring to quarantined grandfather

Touching pictures of a woman in North Carolina, US showing her engagement ring from behind a window to her grandfather at a nursing home are being shared online.

Carly Boyd, 22, was proposed to recently but coronavirus restrictions meant that she couldn't go into her grandfather’s room to share the news.

Instead, she went back around to his window to tell him about it.

Social media users commented on the heartfelt moment. User @graysonbwade tweeted: “Very touching.”

67th anniversary: Husband holds sign for wife outside nursing home

The virus outbreak is not stopping people from expressing their feeling for loved ones even if they are quarantined. A picture of an old man from Connecticut, US celebrating his 67th wedding anniversary with his wife is going viral. The couple were not allowed to see each other as a precautionary measure, due to coronavirus.

So, instead of not celebrating the occasion, Bob Shellard decided to stand outside the nursing home with a sign that said "I've loved you 67 years and still do. Happy Anniversary."

The pictures of Shellard are being shared online with netizens loving his gesture. Twitter user @Deiv101 posted: “Love is beautiful, whether you believe in it or not.”

Elderly couple enjoy makeshift ‘cruise’ at home

A canceled cruise trip was no issue for this elderly couple in Australia. They decided to create a cruise setting inside their home and the internet loved it.

The video of the couple, enjoying a makeshift cruise at their home surfaced online recently and went viral.

The clip was shared by the couple’s daughter and shows them sitting on a couch in front of a television, dressed in white robes and with their feet resting on a cabinet.

Twitter user @CAMoore97 wrote: “Hilarious! Thanks for sharing.”