Video: Power bank catches fire on flight, 2 injured
Video: Power bank catches fire on flight, 2 injured Image Credit: Screengrab from Twitter

Last week, passengers on a flight from Taipei to Singapore were left shocked when a power bank suddenly caught fire onboard. The footage taken by passengers of the Scoot flight TR993 went viral on social media.

The incident that took place on Tuesday, January 10, left two passengers wounded.

The video that was shared by many Twitter users shows flames rising from one of the passenger seats. The clip also shows terrified commuters screaming as the crew rushed to put out the fire.

Once the blaze was doused, smoke from it filled the cabin. Pictures of smoke inside the flight were also shared by some Twitter users.

According to some news reports on Chinese news websites, the flight was set to leave Taiwan's capital at 7.20pm on January 10, but an overheated power bank exploded causing flames to erupt just as the plane taxied to the runway at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport.

According to a report by UK-based media house The Independent, the airline said that two passengers had suffered "minor burns to their fingers”.

The report also quoted a Scoot spokesperson saying: "Scoot flight TR993, operating from Taipei to Singapore on 10 January 2023, returned to the gate when a rechargeable battery bank belonging to a client overheated, while the aircraft was on the ground.”

The plane returned to the airport so the passengers could exit the plane and the injured travellers could be treated.

According to the airline: “All passengers were able to exit safely, and the two wounded passengers got first aid care at the airport and did not need to be sent to a hospital.”

Most airlines require customers to carry power banks in their hand baggage in case of emergency. Their lithium-ion batteries generate energy through electrochemical processes that generate heat naturally.

“Medical assistance has been rendered to the owner of the power bank and his companion. The flight was rescheduled and affected passengers were provided with accommodation and meals. Scoot sincerely apologises for the incident. The safety of our customers and crew is our top priority. Investigations into the incident are underway,” the spokesperson further stated.

Many Twitter users appreciated the way the crew handled the situation, and others said it was good that the plane had not taken off yet.

Tweep @UL4zie wrote: “Another power bank incident! This time it’s on Scoot flight TR993 from Taipei to Singapore. Passengers should take pre-departure instructions seriously to ensure the safety of all on board.

“A power bank exploded in the cabin and panic began… cabin crew was very calm putting it out,” commented another Twitter user @CyberRealms1.