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Burhan Chishti’s bride Fauzia takes a selfie during their wedding reception in Oslo. Image Credit: Social Media

Dubai: Two-foot tall Pakistani Burhan Chishti became an instant sensation on social media after his video, dancing to the tune of a Punjabi song on his wedding reception, went viral.

Chishti, affectionately known as Bobo, is a polio survivor and wheel chair bound but he lives his life to the fullest.

A larger-than-life wedding reception of the Pakistani couple in Oslo went viral on the internet after the groom Bobo was carried by his friends in their arms to help him dance to Punjabi numbers. The video also showed Bobo taking selfies with his bride, Fauzia, and coming to the wedding reception holding her hand while driving his electric wheel chair.

The wedding reception of Burhan Chishti and Fauzia was held in Oslo recently and was attended by nationals from thirteen different countries according to reports. 

Fauzia, who hails from Pakpattan in Punjab province of Pakistan, said that she loved Bobo and had even inscribed his name on her hand to highlight this feeling.

Bobo, who has an active presence on the social media, also said that the feeling was mutual, and even enacted some of his favorite dialogues from feature films before going off to dance to Punjabi beats with his friends.

Friends of Bobo also shared their messages on the occasion, wishing the married couple utmost happiness in their marriage and recounting how they had traveled from different countries for the wedding reception, Geo Tv reported.

Fans across the globe

Bobo’s fans from at least 13 countries came to attend the grand wedding reception in Oslo. Bobo follow lavish lifestyle despite his ‘disability’ as runs various business including Bobo Style event, suits and management. He also represents Indian film star Salman Khan’s Being Human campaign in Norway. He has also won the best inspirational person award in 2017.

His social media activities shows that he loves to interact with famous film and television stars, crickets and journalists.

“Our is a love marriage and we will try to be happy couple,” Bobo told a television channel while holding hand of his bride Fauzia.

Bobo and Fauzia
Bobo and Fauzia at their wedding reception in Oslo. Image Credit: Social media