Pakistan government is paying special focus on promotion of tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan and will provide best accommodation facilities to tourists. Image Credit: Supplied

Islamabad: Minister of Tourism for Gilgit-Baltistan Raja Nasir Ali Khan today said that the incumbent government was paying special focus on promotion of tourism in GB and would provide best accommodation facilities to tourists under its thousand guest houses project in the region.

Minister said the government’s vision to invest in the tourism sector will be a great push for the hospitality industry, which have suffered a massive blow due to negligence of previous governments.

“Government was paying special attention on the development of the manufacturing and tourism sectors, as well as attracting more foreign and local investment, in order to revive the country’s economic growth”, he added.

He said the govt visionary Prime Minister Imran Khan, was taking various steps to revive the tourism industry and highlighting the soft image of Pakistan.

However, the govt has also introducing winter tourism policy to facilitate tourists in the province throughout the year, he added.

“Better hotels, transportation, infrastructure, good roads, food industry, improved recreation facilities and security contribute vitally for attracting tourists”, he said.

Eco-tourism in GB

He said the govt was not only focusing on creating employment opportunities by promoting tourism activities but also making efforts to conserve the natural beauty of tourist spots by promoting eco-tourism in the GB.

Minister said the authorities concerned were also developing tourism as an industry where several interventions had been identified to harness the potential such as infrastructure development, legal and regulatory framework, private sector facilitation, comfort of tourists and needs of the local community, marketing strategy and skilled development.

He said the govt was also introducing a new revolutionary visa policy to encourage tourism in the country, adding, he said we want to make tourism the basis of development like Malaysia and UAE which are earning heavy revenue generation from this sector.