The photograph going viral on social media Image Credit: Instagram/@paperazzimagazine

Dubai: A traffic policeman in Pakistan is being hailed as a hero for handing out a ticket to a biker for not wearing a helmet. The reason? The biker was his own son.

Pakistan news website Geo News reported that the assistant sub-inspector, Imtiaz Abbas, working in Sadiqabad in the Rahim Yar Khan province, fined his son Rs200 for not wearing a helmet.

The photograph went viral online, with social media users hailing the officer for showing integrity.

Instagram user, @prettylittlethings9110 wrote: “This is called being honest with your job. #respect.”

Another Instagram user, @ayesha.aslam95, wrote: “If it’s true then change isn’t coming, it’s already here.”

Many hailed the news report as a sign of the ‘New Pakistan’ that has been promised by the current PTI-led government, with Instagram user @shahroze_afzal3 saying: “Now this is the change we are talking about.”

Last month, the Lahore High Court responded to a petition on the increasing number of road deaths because riders were not wearing helmets. The court directed the Chief Traffic Officer to take strict action against those riding motorcycles without helmet and also fine violators from September 23, according to the Dawn newspaper.

Following the court’s order, Pakistani news website The Express Tribune reported that prices of helmets surged after Lahore’s City Traffic Police issued 58,000 fines in just five days.