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India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India's Congress Party president Rahul Gandhi. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: As a billion-plus people get ready to vote for the 17th Lok Sabha elections from Thursday in the world’s largest democracy, all eyes are on who will be the next prime minister of India. Astrologers have traditionally been a major element, along with exit polls and experts’ analyses on the possible election outcomes.

We spoke to a number of Indian astrologers on the biggest issue of all: Who will be the next prime minister of the country? Here is what they had to say:

Kartik Gor, Vedic Astrologer and Vastu Consultant, Dubai.

“It is important to note that no political leader will be able to sit on the chair of such a high post without being favourably connected with the birth chart of the country itself. So, in this case, we have to first look at the chart of India. India was born on August 15,1947 at midnight and has a Taurus ascendant. Ascendant is the rising zodiac sign of the particular birth chart in the eastern horizon at the time of birth of the entity concerned. The rising sign represents the way others see you, your general impression on people, and your spontaneous reactions.

India’s ascendant Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and peace, and, therefore the country is a democracy. The other point to consider is the Raj Yoga of a country and this has to be favourably placed in the birth chart of a candidate. If this is visible in the chart, then there is a higher chance of the person taking the seat of power.

What constitutes Raj Yoga?

In a presidential form of democracy the ascendant of a country’s chart is critical, but in a democracy where the prime minister takes the major decisions, it is the 10th house of a country’s birth chart that is critical. In the case of India’s chart, the 10th house is Aquarius and this house is ruled by two planets, Rahu and Saturn.

If you study the charts of all previous prime ministers of India, they all have had exceptionally good Rahu. India’s first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, for example, had little chance of sitting in the hot seat, but for his association with Mahatma Gandhi and a strong Rahu in his birth chart that ensured he became the first prime Minister.

A good placement for Rahu is in the third, sixth, eight and 11th house of a birth chart. It is here, where Rahu gets freedom to play politics. Rahu is a fantastic schemer, something which is required for a politician. So having a strong Rahu is essential.

Now coming to the charts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Congress president Rahul Gandhi, there are many birth charts being suggested as the right one. I have narrowed Modi’s chart based on the events in his life. While 90 per cent of the astrologers say Modi has a Scorpio Ascendant, I beg to differ and am convinced he has a Libra ascendant. This chart is a winner altogether, a politician’s chart all the way.

According to his horoscope, Modi’s 10th lord is moon and it is in debilitated position, conjunct with Mars, which leads to what is known as a Simhasana (Throne) Yoga. A Yoga is when one planet, sign or house is related to another of the same kind or different by way of placement, aspect or conjunction. It creates a favourable period as a result.

The yoga makes him a clear winner and a high achiever. The language he will always speak is development. His moon is conjunct with Mars and so his power will come from natural calamities, wars and situations.

Modi also has a Raj Yoga in his second house, which is the house of enterprise. He is currently going through Moon Dasha and that is going to take him to victory.

Rahul Gandhi has a Virgo Ascendant and his chart is not a political horoscope. His Rahu is not strong. He will be a fantastic person otherwise but lacks leadership of Sun or foresight of Rahu. This means he does not go with his own instinct and is guided by people and advisers

R. Narendra Babu, Astrologer, Gemologist and Vedic consultant, Dubai.

Narendra Modi: “There are three birth charts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi available on the internet. One of them is based on a school-leaving certificate and I have picked this as a reference for my prediction.

According to this, he has a Leo Ascendant ruled by Sun. Sun represents power, authority and administrative skills. It also shows a dominating character and one who is fearless. Jupiter is in his own 5th house, which brings him an abundance of luck as well.

Venus is his 10th lord and it is conjunct with Mercury, making him a great orator. Mercury is in an exalted position, too. He is currently in Moon Dasha and it is well placed in his chart. He is looking to be a winner even though there are challenges owing to his Venus-Rahu sub-period.”

Rahul Gandhi: He is passing through Rahu Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha or Rahu sub-period. The sub-period of Rahu is not favourable for any Mahadasha. Besides, he is passing through Sade Sati, the return of the seven-and-a half year phase of Saturn transiting through the natal moon, which is the worst time. Saturn is in a debilitated house.”

Alpana Dhuper, Prashna and Nadi Astrologer based in New Delhi.

“My prediction is that no single party will win the elections this year and there will be a coalition government with an advantage to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Though there is a shift in the trend of his popularity, he is still looking better than Rahul Gandhi for the PM’s post. There will be quite a few internal problems within the Congress party and this will negatively impact the party. It is a time for introspection and self-reflection for both parties — BJP and the Congress.

“My results are based on the time the question was posed to me as to who will win the elections. It is not based on an individual’s birth chart. Nothing is fixed in this world so let us pray for the highest and best for the country.”

Upendra Shastri, Vedic astrologer and priest Hindu temple in Dubai.

Narendra Modi: He is currently going through Moon period until 2020, which is a very favourable period for him. The Neechabhanga Raja Yoga period has elevated him to the position of a prime minister. From June 2020, for seven years, Mars Dasha begins, which will make him more powerful. However, Mars is in debilitation in Cancer in the Navamsa chart, which should bring up minor issues. He will overcome this by ignoring his detractors and enemies. 2019 is very bright for him and there are 99 per cent chances of him retaining power. He will rule with his energy and his social acceptance will only get better in the years to come.

Rahul Gandhi: Based on the chart that is available for Rahul Gandhi, I see that he is passing through a Mars and Venus Dasha cycle. Rahu is transiting over the Sun and Mars through the 9th House of Fortune. Saturn is transiting over Moon, which shows that he is under the influence of Saturn’s mid-phase of Sade Sati.

This Dasha cycle points to positive development, which party workers and loyalists will work very hard to improve the party’s prospects. In fact, traditional voters of Congress will stay loyal and vote for the party. However, he will face stiff competition from the opposition.

Vraj Kishore Dhyani, Astrologer and signature analysis expert based in Baroda, India.

Vraj Kishore Dhyani
Vraj Kishore Dhyani Image Credit: Supplied

The ruling government is facing a headwind on some issues while the opposition awaits the much-desired comeback. Astrologically and based on signature analysis, we can see into a window of possibilities even before the actual results of the election are declared.

First, going by the signature of Narendra Modi, it signifies clear, distinct vibrations of determination of his intent to succeed. But there is an important element in all signatures and that is the underline below the signature, which Modi does not add.

Modiji is confident — result oriented — dynamic with a successful proven track record. So he will move mountains to retain his party’s image and with a crucial margin can secure his prime minister seat once again.

The signature of Rahul Gandhi signifies domination of the first alphabet in his name, that of ‘R’ which carries numerological value of ‘9’ which ultimately is the last number. In his signature, too, the underline is missing. However, his planetary positions are favourable and rewarding for enhancing his strength during the elections. He will certainly live up to expectations of voters from southern as well as northern constituencies and have a comfortable marginal lead of winning seats.

Modi is poised to win again while Rahul is poised to win far more seats for Congress than in the last election. So the results on May 23 will reward both for their individual efforts.

India will have the same prime minister again, Narendra Modi, and Rahul Gandhi will establish himself as a politician to be taken seriously.”

Ajai Bhambhi, Astrologer based in Delhi.

Ajai Bhambhi
Ajai Bhambhi Image Credit: Supplied

India is currently going through its Moon Mahadasha or major phase of the moon in the birth chart. It began in September 2015 and will end in September 2025. The BJP came into existence on April 6, 1980. It, too, is running is Moon mahadasha or major phase of the moon.

The party is not providing the right direction to the country and has lost its focus. It needs to tie up its loose ends or it could wither away and there could even be a split in the party in the future.

Narendra Modi: Now coming to Narendra Modi, his ascendant is Scorpio and even though there are different charts available on his birth time, I am certain he is a Scorpio lagna. In 2014, I had correctly predicted that he would win in a thumping fashion. In his birth chart, Moon and Mars are in lagna.

Modi has what is the Panchmaharpurush Raj Yoga that takes a person to great heights. He is in his Moon mahadasha that began in 2011 and will end in 2021.

Moon is debilitated in his horoscope but Mars cancels its debilitation making Moon omnipotent.

Modi also has Gajkesari yoga as Jupiter is the 4th house.

Currently, he is in his Ketu sub period in his Moon mahadasha. And Ketu is the 11 house with Sun and Mercury.

Ketu gives unpredictable results.

So it is not a clear-cut conclusion is what I would say.

Rahul Gandhi: His ascendant is Libra and he is currently in his Moon major phase or mahadsha that will end on April 17. He will then enter his Rahu major phase or mahadasha that will last for 18 years.

In his Mars phase, which is of 7 years, the first three years or some were the worst for Rahul. It is only during the latter part of Mars phase that he rose to eminence.

Rahul Gandhi’s Rahu is strong and it will take him to better rungs of achievement. You will see a paradigm shift in his personality and he will take Congress party to greater heights.

He may not ever become the prime minister of India but he will play a strong role in his party’s progress.

In fact, his sister, Priyanka Gandhi, has a more prominent birth chart and he could be instrumental in helping her become a Prime Minister one day.

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