Stock Pinarayi Vijayan
Pinarayi Vijayan, CM of Kerala Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan-led LDF government on Friday announced a 100-day action plan to advance the achievements of health, education and social security amid the COVID-19. The plan will be implemented from June 11 to September 19.

"Economic stimulus and job creation schemes were included in the 100-day programme implemented in two phases last year to address the impact of COVID-19. Now when the second wave of the pandemic is in full swing, we need construction activities and job creation to accelerate economic growth. The emphasis will be on policies and schemes to advance the achievements of health, education and social security," Vijayan said.

The 100-day action plan includes projects worth Rs 2,464.92 crore through the Public Works Department, Rebuild Kerala Initiative and KIIFB. "K-DISC is completing an ambitious project of providing employment to 20 lakh educated people in the state. All Local Self Governments will prepare a draft plan to create employment for five persons out of 1,000 people," he said.

Approximately 77,350 direct and indirect job opportunities will be created in 100 days under various departments.

He also informed that loans worth Rs 5,898 crores have been sanctioned from international financial institutions such as the World Bank, German bank KFW and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) for the Rebuild Kerala Initiative (RKI).

"When the state share is added, Rs 8,425 crores will be available for RKI projects. In the next 100 days, nine road projects worth Rs 945.35 crores will be started using RKI funds." In addition, the Public Works Department will complete projects worth Rs 1,519.57 crores in these 100 days. KIIFB funded road-bridge projects worth Rs 200.10 crores will be inaugurated within these 100 days.

Meanwhile, the Agriculture Department has started the distribution of seeds for cultivating vegetables for Onam. "Organic farming will be started on 25,000 hectares. 100 Urban Street Market will be opened during this period. 25 lakh fruit and vegetable saplings will be distributed and 150 Farmers Producers Associations will be set up. The Cashew Board will provide 8,000 MT of cashew nuts and take steps to create 100 working days," the CM said.

The state government also aims to distribute 12,000 land title deeds during these 100 days. "Several IT initiatives will be launched for accessing government services. Life Mission will complete 10,000 more houses. 50,000 laptops will be distributed under the Vidyasree scheme. The Nilav project will be started in 200 gram Panchayats."

Stating that this is not a complete list of projects to be implemented within 100 days, he said: "All the projects under the 100-days action plan and their details will be published by the respective departments."

On services from Village Offices, he said: "All services from Village Offices will be made available online by 2 October. 126 of 1,666 Village Offices are currently Smart. 342 are currently becoming Smart. All Village Offices in Kerala will become Smart over the next 5 years."