India lockdown
Youngster gets unique punishment for driving in India amidst coronavirus lockdown Image Credit: Twitter

A youngster decided to take his convertible sports car out for a spin in India amidst the coronavirus lockdown and it did not end well.

The 20-year-old driver took advantage of reduced traffic in Indore and cruised in his yellow two-seater Porsche on the open roads, before members of the city's security council spotted him.

The city security council is a law enforcing entity that comprises of retired personnel from the Army, paramilitary and the police as volunteers working with the local police across Indore.

The security personnel flagged down the car and asked the driver why he was out on the road amidst the lockdown, according to a report by India-based television news channel, NDTV.

According to NDTV, the driver has been identified as the son of Indore businessman Deepak Daryani.

In the video, the man is seen without a mask as a council member in a black uniform holding a stick orders the driver to do sit-ups.

He is seen holding his ears as he obeys the security official.

NDTV reported that the youngster’s family said he has a curfew pass and driving license, but the city security council officials allegedly misbehaved with him.

The driver's father, Daryani, is the owner of a confectionery business in Indore. He has reportedly filed a complaint with the police against the civilians for enforcing traffic law and punishing his son.

The clip was shared online and netizens thought that the punishment was appropriate.

Tweep @Satyavir_Gupta wrote: "Great Job by the police... Law is equal for everyone..."

Twitter user @lalitaprayaga posted: "Well done city council member of Indore, we admire you no end. I think same enthusiasm and ruthlessness should be replicated in other centres. This should serve as model for enforcement of discipline in our country."

However, there were those like user @sonofodisha who thought that such kind of punishments are unnecessary: "He had a pass which that guy didn't want to see. Whether it was a joyride or not is debatable. Further, public humiliation is not a punishment. It's defamation. Just collect the fine and let that guy go. Can obviously make a video of that guy paying the fine but that's it. Shame!"

This is not the first instance of a unique punishment being handed to those violating lockdown rules. Recently, at least 10 foreign nationals, who were caught taking a stroll along the banks of the Ganges River in Rishikesh, were made to write "I am sorry" 500 times by the police for not following movement restrictions. In another recent incident, Maharashtra police made lockdown violators perform yoga on the street.

The 21-day nationwide coronavirus lockdown was extended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 14. The lockdown will come to end on May 3.