Watch a quick review of the HUAWEI Mate Xs 2 - the latest foldable phone

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Watch a quick review of the HUAWEI Mate Xs 2 - the latest foldable phone

Foldable phones are all the rage right now, for it’s truly the future of remote functioning. The display is large enough to be convenient for working, complemented by the portability of a handheld smart device.

With the latest entrant in this market segment - the HUAWEI Mate Xs 2 – the ante is up. Huawei has been really pushing the boundaries of the tech game and this smartphone is a perfect example of that. This iteration, with the display screen on the outside, is the lightest in the market at 255gms with an almost true-flat display.


What do I mean by this and why does this matter?

Well, foldable smartphones are often accused of falling into the heavier category, which can be difficult to carry around at all times. Huawei’s R&D has taken cognizance of this user issue and made the device lighter than the previous edition by nearly 50 grams.

They have done this by replacing the back of the display surface with plastic that promises to be two and half times stronger and durable compared to metal, while being lighter. They have also given it a wonderful textured feel, which plays the additional purpose of giving you just enough resistance to prevent slippage from your hands. This is a definite plus, especially for someone like me, who dropped her P30 Pro two floors down and here’s a secret – the device lived to tell the tale.

Moving on … the device uses the Falcon Wing Design – essentially the hinge that helps move the screen. The movement of the screen is synchronised and smooth, with a side release button that works with a rather satisfying ‘popping’ action. Easily manageable with one hand.

Everything hinges on the hinge

The hinge is flush, so you get a display that is almost true-flat. You can see the ever so slight bump if you hold it up against the light or run your hands with a slight pressure across the screen. It definitely does not interfere with the actual display, which is a first in the segment.

Huawei’s self-developed composite screen is apparently designed “to absorb all shock” making the device “ultra-reliable”. However, that does not mean you place the phone with the display screen down on hard surfaces. It is sensitive despite having a screen protector, so has to be handled with respect. Huawei has helped greatly reduce the risk with a cover that matches the textured plastic on the inside fold of the phone, which is very easy to use. Make sure to use it, as that will ensure longevity of your smartphone.

In addition, the screen protector is laid out in such a manner so it does not bunch up at the hinge but might give resistance toward the edges.

The device itself

The True-Chroma camera system of Huawei Mate Xs 2 includes a 50MP True-Chroma back camera and a powerful selfie camera. It has multitasking capabilities with swipe gestures and comes installed with Petal Search, Petal Maps, Huawei Video, Huawei Browser, GameCenter, and more. Additionally, if you are porting from a previous Huawei phone then the ID is all you require to transfer all your data seamlessly. In case of other brands, you can always depend on the phone clone. As Huawei completes its shift into the HMS environment away from the limitations brought on by the withdrawal of GMS services, the focus has been more on cloud-based transfer.


Overall, this is a great foldable smartphone in the market, at a price point of AED7499. Moreover, if you check their website, there are always service packages and offers bundled in.

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