File pic of students of Dubai Police Nursery school carrying UAE flags at Jumeirah Kite Beach as part of UAE Flag Day celebrations previously. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives/Virendra Saklani

Dubai: Play a traditional game you used to enjoy as a child; learn five new Emirati words; go for a walk and take a pretty photo of the emirate you live in – these are among the series of 50 activities being posted daily on the official UAE National Day social media platforms.

The ‘50 days to 50’ initiative began on October 13, that is 50 days before the 50th National Day. Each day sees a new post suggesting an activity to celebrate 50 years of the UAE, on the social media platforms of the UAE’s official Golden Jubilee Celebrations Committee.

Share your experiences

The public is encouraged to participate and share their experiences with others using the hashtag #50celebrations. Official National Day ceremony

The committee has announced that the official ceremony celebrating the 50th UAE National Day on December 2, will take place in Dubai’s Hatta region. A theatrical show will be open to public for nine days, from December 4 to 12, with limited tickets available on the official UAE National Day website.

Some of the daily activities since October 13

Make five people happy

Visit Expo 2020 and collect 10+ pavilion stamps

Write a letter to your future self today

Learn five phrases in Emirati sign language

Write Year of the 50th in your own language or try it in calligraphy

Buy locally-made products or fresh local produce

Share with us your favourite place in the UAE

Visit your favourite museum or historical site in the UAE and immerse yourself in the local culture

Try a new sport

Go to your nearest hospital or blood bank and ask to donate blood

Help someone in need today by donating spare clothes or unwanted furniture

Visit your local charity and donate as much as you can

Visit your nearest library and borrow a book

Draw or write something about the UAE that inspires you

Try a cuisine you’ve never tried before

Use public transport for the day to reduce your carbon footprint

Celebrate with us by wearing a traditional clothing item or adornment. Post a picture or video on your feed

Volunteer for a beach clean-up or tree planting initiative

Get a reusable shopping bag to reduce your daily plastic use.

Take on a new activity for today’s celebrations, post your experience on your feed

Get your 30 minutes of activity by taking part in #Dubai30x30

Take a picture with the UAE flag and post it on your feed

Celebrate today by learning how to cook your favourite traditional Emirati dish

Celebrate today by visiting a new city or town in the UAE

Visit a wildlife reserve or a natural wonder you love in the UAE

Learn the steps to the traditional Emirati dance, such as the Ayyala

Post a video of you singing the UAE national anthem

The games we used to play with our friends and family when we were young helped shape our childhoods.

Go for a walk and take a beautiful photo of your city.

Celebrate today by learning these five Emirati words.

Our nation is filled with hidden gems. What’s your favourite spot?

Celebrate by trying to limit your food and plastic waste as much as you can.

Celebrate by being kind to someone in your life or a stranger.