STOCK Dubai skyline
Dubai skyline Image Credit: Dubai Media office

Dubai: With clear weather and morning temperatures around 21°C in Dubai, the weather will be perfect if you are heading outdoors.

According the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), today the weather across the UAE will be clear and partly cloudy. While Fujairah and its surrounding areas recieved scattered rainfall over the last few days, no rainfall has been predicted for today by the NCM.

In coastal areas including Dubai and Sharjah, temperature highs will be between 22-26°C. The maximum temperature in the internal parts of country will be between 25-29°C, and in the mountainous regions, temperature highs will be between 17-20°C.

Temperature lows are expected to drop below 10°C in the mountainous regions. The lowest temperature recorded yesterday was 8.6°C in Jabal Jais (Ras Al Khaimah).

Expect a slight breeze through the day. The NCM in the daily weather forecast predicted: "Light to moderate winds through the day."

The NCM added that relative humidity will increase towards night and is expected to hit 85 per cent in coastal and internal parts of the country.

The NCM added: "Humid by night and Monday morning with a probability of mist formation over some internal areas especially westward."

The sea along the UAE's coastle will be relatively, the NCM added.