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Issam Galadari(center), CEO, The Waterfront Market, along with Mohammed Almadani(left),Centre Manager, The Waterfront Market, and Lachlan Gyde(right), Executive Director, Retail, Resident & Commercial, ITHRA Dubai,pose with the winners, Artist John Paul Atillianno Faderogao(2nd from right) and Artists Spencer James Hogg, during an event to view the winners art for the Waterfront Market 2019 Murals & Art competition in collaboration with Dubai Culture and Art Authority at The Waterfront Market Dubai. 15th December 2019. Photo: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News Image Credit:

Dubai The Waterfront Market in Deira unveiled the works of its murals and art competition winners at a special event on Sunday.

The two award winning artists - Spencer Hogg from the UK and John Paul Faderogao from the Philippines - were also handed a cheque of Dh15,000 each by Issam Galadari, CEO of Ithra Dubai, the developer and operator of the Waterfront Market.

“I am truly humbled,” said Faderogao, who took six days to paint the artwork which now adorns one of the main walls of the market. “The UAE has a rich culture and heritage and that’s what I have tried to depict,” he added.

Hogg, who stacked steel pipes in rows of five to create a sculpture resembling the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic calligraphy, said the artwork depicts the oneness of Allah who regards all humans equal regardless of their religion, creed or ethnicity.

Held in collaboration with Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), the murals and art competition is part of the Waterfront Market’s initiatives aimed at supporting local art and celebrating the diversity of the country.

Artworks are judged based on creativity, uniqueness, visual impact and depiction of the competition’s theme.