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The lucky trio: Nestor, 42, from the Philippines; Moamen, 39, from UK; and Irfan, 35, from Pakistan Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Three UAE residents – a Filipino, Briton and Pakistani – have all won the second prize in the 42nd Mahzooz weekly draw and they have earmarked their winnings to secure their children’s future and education.

Nestor, 42, from the Philippines; Moamen, 39, from UK; and Irfan, 35, from Pakistan, won Dh333,333 each after matching five out of the six winning numbers (10, 21, 31, 35, 37 and 46) to win the Dh1 million second-tier prize. Additionally, 133 winners took home Dh1,000 each, while Dh35 went to 2,692 winners. The total prize money won in the latest draw was Dh1,227,220.

Nestor said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw the winning numbers on the screen. It took me some time to come to my senses and realise I won. My 11-year-old son started dancing after seeing me and my wife jumping in the air in happiness. I hugged my son and told him: ‘Your future has been secured’.”

“I was struggling to meet the educational expenses of my son with my current salary but now, the future is brighter and better because of the prize money,” added the Filipino expat who works as a senior engineer in Dubai.

Wonderful gift

Moamen, meanwhile, received an email from Mahzooz while he was dropping his children at school.

He said: “My children were astonished to see me suddenly jumping and laughing out loud. They asked what’s going on, dad? I said: You all will get a wonderful gift soon. You can ask for anything and I will make it happen. Soon, all our dreams will become a reality.

Moamen, who works as an operations manager in Dubai, added: “Thank God for this great blessing, and thanks to Mahzooz for making our lives better. With this money, I will secure our future, and I will definitely share some of my winnings with the needy.”

Overwhelmed with joy

Pakistani expat Irfan has also planned on saving the winnings for his kids’ education.

“I feel blessed and overwhelmed with joy. I was shocked to see my 3-year-old and 6-month-old children cheering with me and my wife when we got the amazing news from Mahzooz. Although they are too young to understand what it means to win Dh333,333, I think they sensed that something great has happened,” he said.

Irfan, who works as a PRO in Dubai, will invest his winnings to secure the future of his family. “It’s a great blessing that will help me, and my family to have a better life. Now I’m more confident and optimistic about our future,” he added.

Who will win Dh50 million?

Many have won the second-tier prize but the Dh50 million first prize is yet to be won. The next Mahzooz draw will be held on Saturday, September 18, at 9pm (UAE time). Entry tickets are priced at Dh35. Entrants can participate by registering on the Mahzooz website. The draw is live-streamed from the Mahzooz studio and is hosted by Lebanese presenter Wissam Braidy and Indian presenter Aishwarya Ajit.