Sharjah digital
The newly-launched campaign comprises of promotional videos in Arabic and English languages. Image Credit:

Sharjah: Inspired by the emirate’s well-known slogan,‘Smile, you are in Sharjah’, the Sharjah Digital Office (SDO) has launched the ‘Smile... it’s easy’ campaign to introduce and drive awareness of the portfolio of services under the Digital Sharjah platform and mobile application that seeks to advance quality of life of citizens and residents through an advanced digital infrastructure. Encompassing a broad category of sectors, the Digital Sharjah app provides innovative solutions and ease of access to serve the community in an effective manner.

The ‘Smile... it’s easy’ campaign aims to raise awareness of citizens, residents, and visitors of the comprehensive public and private sector services that can be easily availed through the Sharjah Digital app to complete relevant transactions in just a few minutes.

Through its website and mobile application launched in November, Digital Sharjah platform offers a portfolio of more than 40 services by 11 public and private sector entities. The services include business, real estate, social services, transportation, and utilities that cater to citizens, residents, investors, and visitors.

The newly-launched campaign comprises of promotional videos in Arabic and English languages, and features screens across Sharjah displayed in malls and cinemas, and other creative content across social media platforms, news and media channels. Taxis and buses across the city will also carry the core messages of the ‘Smile.. it’s easy’ campaign. Residents and citizens can pay bills and parking tickets, book a taxi, reserve a trade name, and avail of many more vital services through the platform.