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Dubai: Dubai Properties is promising two mosques of the highest standard in Remraam by 2020-2021, even as residents claim they have had to make do with praying in a porta-cabin for the last seven years.

Plans had been in place to construct a mosque inside the residential community — situated between Jebel Ali Free Zone and Al Maktoum International Airport — since it first opened in 2011-12. However residents said a small shopping centre cropped up recently in its place.

In the interim, worshippers are praying in a portacabin that can only accommodate 150-200 people, residents said Friday prayers are often overcrowded and the cabin can get stuffy. A shaded area outside the makeshift mosque is also deemed to be a safety hazard by concerned residents.

“The wooden frame shade outside [the portacabin mosque] is loose and could fall on people praying at any time due to bad weather,” said Abdullah Faisal, a British-Pakistani resident of Remraam for over six years, who heads the community’s Facebook page.

With Ramadan around the corner, residents said there is an urgent need to make arrangements to accommodate more people as the community provides 250 meals to workers.

Another resident, Fadi Ozone, from Syria said: “The temporary mosque is made of wood and in the summer months the heat is trapped inside and it is unbearable.

“Praying outside in over 40 degrees heat is horrible and with the lack of audio speakers, you are not able to hear the prayers or the Friday sermon.”

Ozone said he and his family visit another mosque in Dubai Sports City.

Rabia A. from Pakistan said the women’s section at the mosque does not include a washroom or ablution area, causing great inconvenience for regular visitors.

“The AC in the women’s section does not work so we are forced to use fans. The room fits no more than 15 people and we have to go home if we need to use the washroom, which gets very difficult, especially during Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan,” she said.

When contacted by Gulf News, a spokesperson from Dubai Properties said plans were afoot to build two mosques of the “highest standard” within two years.

“We expect the mosques to be completed in 2020 and 2021,” said the spokesperson. “In the meantime, Dubai Properties is enhancing the existing temporary mosque in Remraam. The enhancement project will be completed before the onset of Ramadan of this year.

“We thank our residents for their patience as we work to enhance our community and ensure it has comprehensive facilities that exceed their expectations,” the spokesperson added.