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  • Reader raises complaint with bank over fraud transactions.

I’ve been using the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD-now called FAB) Al Futtaim Platinum card since 2016. A text message was sent on November 3, 2018 at 10.53am that a payment of $0.16 (Dh0.587) at Parkview Trail HOA was made, followed by seven more transactions that cost Rs138,250 (Dh7,306) has been made towards FACEBK ads. I was asleep when these transactions happened. My card was in my possession, so it was clearly a fraudulent transaction. My card was automatically blocked because the hacker was trying to purchase a bigger amount, but my card has insufficient funds. I urgently called FAB’s call centre at 2:24pm on the same day and told them about it.

I then received a call from the card security team and after discussing about what happened, they told me they will send me a new card. I got the replacement card on November 8.

On the evening of November 3, I again called the customer care centre, and I was told that the amount stolen from me was still on hold and hasn’t been charged yet. I stated that I do not authorise the transaction. They told me to file a dispute form and they will send me one. I waited until the next day and had to call the call centre a few times for them to send me the dispute form.

On November 4, I went to FAB Abu Dhabi Mall branch, filed the dispute form, with the screenshots of the transactions done.

On November 7, I went to Abu Dhabi police to file a case against fraud but I was told that before I could file the case, I needed to get a credit card statement from the bank with their stamp on it. I went back to FAB and asked for it but the bank personnel told me they cannot do anything and all I can to do is call the call centre.

On the same day, I called the call centre to ask for the credit card statement. I was told that I cannot get a hold of the statement until seven more days. I asked about the update of my dispute and they told me that they did not receive it yet. (Note that I filed the dispute form last November 4.) I was also told that the amount stolen from me has been charged to my account and that I have to pay the full amount while the investigation is ongoing, which will take 180 days.

I clearly asked the bank to put all the fraudulent transactions on hold, so why did they authorise it and ask me to pay?

This is not fair as I am aware of my rights and liabilities as the card holder, and I am also paying the secure shield insurance for my card, which I am very much aware of my benefits.

First, my card was in my possession and I have not received a single OTP from all these transactions. The bank should be vigilant. Next, I have never used INR (Indian Rupees) for payment in any transaction. So the bank should consider this and quarantine this payment till the dispute is resolved, so that I do not have to pay the monthly interest.

I seek Gulf News’ support to sort this issue out so that I can save money and have peace of mind.

From Ms Marvic Josel De Guzman

Abu Dhabi

The management of FAB responds: FAB supports the growth ambitions of its stakeholders and goes beyond financial products and services, and as such, we are grateful for all customer feedback as we strive to consistently deliver the highest standards of service. The bank has been in contact with Ms De Guzman, and the matter has been resolved.

(Process initiation: December 10, 2018. Response from organisation: January 13, 2019. Process completion: January 14, 2019.)

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