Menace: Residents blame stagnant lakes, among other reasons, for growing mosquito problem in Jumeirah Islands. Right: A ceiling infested with mosquitoes inside a villa Image Credit: XPRESS/Anjana Kumar

Dubai: Nakheel has started spraying operations in Jumeirah Islands after residents complained about a growing mosquito menace in the community.

Residents blame stagnant pools in unoccupied villas, leaking irrigation pipes and insufficient aeration of lakes for providing a hospitable environment for mosquitoes to breed.

“The other day I had barely stepped out when the mosquitoes were swarming all over me. I feel like a prisoner in my own house,” said a British resident as he rolled up his sleeves to show several bite marks.

“They have become a big nuisance. So much so that we avoid sending children outdoors to play,” said another resident. “The last fogging was done almost four years back. I am so upset because we pay a handsome amount towards service charges. Where does all that money go? If there’s a delay in paying service fees, our air-conditioning is cut off. When we do pay, the services don’t match up,” he added.

Top priority

Following a spurt in complaints, Nakheel swung into action last week. Between November 1 and 3, it carried out extensive pre-dawn fogging operations across various clusters. Nakheel said the issue was a top priority for them and hinted at an action plan to get rid of the winged menace.

In an e-mail to residents the developer said it is in touch with pest control service providers regarding the sudden infestation of mosquitoes in the upscale neighbourhood.

“We are in communication with our pest control service provider to agree on an action plan after identifying the root cause(s) of the issue… please be assured that this issue is a priority for us and we shall activate an action plan as soon as possible,” read the e-mail.