190113 dark clouds
Image Credit: Christian Borbon/Gulf News

Dubai: More rain and cloudy weather is expected in the UAE this week. Rainfall of different intensities will shower across the country till Wednesday. The National Center of Meteorology shared updates of rainfall recorded in different parts of the country including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Fujairah on Monday afternoon.

The country's weathermen are also on standby for cloud seeding flights to enhance rainfall over the country. An NCM official told Gulf News: "We have done 30 cloud seeding flights since Sunday."

According to the NCM: "Partly cloudy to cloudy with rainfall at intervals especially over the western and coastal areas and islands, then extends to some northern and eastern areas. The clouds will decrease gradually by Wednesday afternoon.

On Monday, The NCM issued a weather warning that UAE will see a chance of convective clouds formation, which may be accompanied with fresh winds with speed of 45 km/hr causing blowing dust/sand over land, until 6pm today.

Here's a look at the cloud imagery between 5pm and 6pm in the country on Monday evening.

Rain 20 April
Expected cloud movement across the country on April 20, between 5pm-6pm. Image Credit: NCM

The sea will be Moderate to rough especially with the clouds in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman Sea.

The National Center of Meteorology advices the people to take caution when driving during rainfall and avoid the streams of valleys and poor horizontal visibility."

The highest temperature recorded in the country today was 38.9 °C in Hamim at 3:45pm.