Winners Mahzooz
From left: Indian Mahendiran, Filipino Jocelyn and Palestinian Abdelrehem have each won Dh100,000 in the latest round of Mahzooz weekly draw in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An Indian expatriate, a Palestinian national and a Filipino quantity surveyor were among 13 lucky winners who were richer by Dh100,000 each in the 55th weekly Mahzooz draw.

Mahendiran, 39, from India, Abdelrehem, 32, from Palestine, and 44-year-old Filipina Jocelyn won Dh100,000 each after their respective tickets — 8781942, 8768744, 8824504 — were picked during the raffle draw. Ten more lucky participants shared the Dh1 million second-tier prize after matching four out of the five winning numbers (2, 5, 19, 44, 48). A total of 1,015 participants matched three out of the five numbers in the winning series and received Dh350 each.

Securing the future

Mahendiran, an engineer who lives in Abu Dhabi, said the prize money would help “fast-track his goal of securing the future of his elderly parents and in-laws”.

“Thanks to Mahzooz, my wife and I can now take care of our parents without having to save for years. I will use the remainder of the winning amount to clear my debts and buy my wife and daughter a gift,” he added.

'Lucky person'

Palestinian Abdelrehem said: “I’ve been a lucky person all my life, but winning Dh100,000 from Mahzooz in just my sixth attempt has made me believe I’m truly living a charmed life.”

Abdelrehem, a bank cashier who grew up in Ajman, added that he had a “three-pronged plan for his prize money”. “First, I’ll pay off some of my debts and help my brother financially. Then, I’ll buy myself some new clothes and accessories and finally, I’ll start a small business and get married — now that I’m financially well off,” he said. “Winning from Mahzooz has given me options that I didn’t have before,” he added.

Jumping with joy

Another Ajman resident, Jocelyn, was jumping with joy when she found out about her win while watching the weekly draw live on her mobile phone.

“I leapt out of bed and ran to tell my husband when my name popped up. We cried tears of happiness,” recounted the Filipino quantity surveyor. Jocelyn said: “This (Dh100,000) is an early gift for Christmas and my birthday this month. This money will cover flight tickets for our trip to the Philippines next year to see our daughter graduate from elementary school.” She added: “My winnings will also go towards helping my family members because a blessing shared is a blessing doubled,” she added.

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How to join?

The next Mahzooz live draw will be held on Saturday, December 18, at 9pm (UAE time). Entrants can participate by registering on its app and website.