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Pictured: Nasir Yousafzai and his co-workers in Dubai as seen in the video Image Credit: Facebook/Nasir Yousafzai

In the escalating conflict between India and Pakistan, Twitter has fast become a medium for the public from both sides of the border to voice their opinions, fears and hopes.

Nasir Yousafzai, a 27-year old Pakistani expat from Dubai, also made a video that is quickly going viral. In the video, Nasir and a group of his co-workers decked out in safety vests and hard hats hold up A4 prints of their slogans for peace.

Nasir Yousafzai Facebook 1
Nasir Yousafzai with co-workers in Dubai Image Credit: Twitter/Nasir Yousafzai

Starting off with the chant "We Want Peace" taken up by all of them, Nasir goes on to say, "We are working in Dubai and are [from] India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, and because we love human beings, we don't want more war."

He continues, "All of us are saying together, we don't want any more war, we want peace, because we love our country and all human beings."

He ends his message with a request to expats to come out of their homes and offices to post videos repeating these slogans of peace on Facebook and Twitter. At the time of writing this story the video, published at around 8.20am, has over 15,000 views.

Fatima Bhutto, neice of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, has retweeted the video saying, "Absolutely dignified response: it is those who suffer most from war who are the only ones with the courage to oppose it."