When symptoms of viral respiratory infections arise, immediate action is the essential Image Credit: Supplied

In the final pillar of Pfizer's Know Plan Go campaign, Go becomes the call to action that reinforces the importance of translating preparedness into action by contacting a healthcare provider at the very onset of symptoms of a viral respiratory illness. This applies to both patients at higher risk and those connected to them, even when symptoms are mild. Additionally, patients are encouraged to engage in a conversation with their healthcare provider about suitable treatment options. This phase is about prompt and decisive action when it matters the most.

For patients at high risk, whether due to specific conditions or risk factors, immediate action is important upon experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, or muscle and body aches. In such cases, there's no room for delay—it's crucial to reach out to your healthcare provider promptly. Even when symptoms are mild, it's vital to act fast. The severity of viral respiratory infections doesn't always correlate with the initial symptoms. Immediate action, without hesitation, can decrease the risk of severe disease or complications. So, contacting your healthcare provider is essential even if symptoms are minor.

Furthermore, if you know someone at high risk who displays symptoms of a viral respiratory infection, including mild symptoms, it's essential to encourage or assist them in putting their prepared plan into action. Encourage them to get in touch with their healthcare provider without delay and remind them to discuss suitable treatments for their infection.

In the Go pillar, Pfizer’s campaign delivers a key message: when symptoms of viral respiratory infections arise, immediate action is the essential. Whether it's you, a loved one, or someone in your community at high risk, acting promptly can make a significant difference. By contacting a healthcare provider without delay, people can receive timely guidance and potentially life-saving treatment options. Knowledge and a rapid response are the foundations of effectively addressing viral respiratory infections. The three pillars of Pfizer's campaign: Know Plan Go offers a comprehensive strategy to protect and empower yourself, your loved ones, and your community.