Dr Syed Husain, lead consultant pulmonologist at King’s College Hospital London Dubai, talks about the prevalent respiratory conditions in the Gulf and how affected people can protect themselves from viral respiratory infections in this episode

The fourth episode of Know Plan Go, a podcast series by Gulf News in collaboration with Pfizer, focuses on the diverse spectrum of respiratory illnesses prevalent in the Gulf, including asthma triggered by environmental factors like dust and allergies, obstructive sleep apnoea linked to obesity, bronchitis following viral infections, and smoking-related issues. Dr Syed Husain, who has more than three decades of clinical experience in the United Kingdom in the National Health Service, delves into the impact viral respiratory infections have on these conditions.

The conversation highlights the multifaceted nature of respiratory diseases affecting the lungs and airways. With a specific focus on the Gulf, Dr Husain, who is currently the lead consultant pulmonologist at King’s College Hospital London Dubai with a special interest in interventional pulmonology, emphasises the unique environmental factors influencing the prevalence of respiratory conditions. He touches upon the higher incidence of asthma, attributing it to environmental allergens and atmospheric conditions, presenting a significant deviation from global averages.

The episode addresses the increased vulnerability of certain groups, such as asthmatics, diabetics, and individuals with cardiovascular diseases, to severe complications from viral respiratory infections. Dr Husain outlines preventive strategies, including early identification, appropriate testing for influenza, Covid-19, and bacterial infections, and the significance of timely medical intervention.

Furthermore, the conversation emphasises the importance of personal hygiene, handwashing, mask-wearing, and environmental protection measures like HEPA filters to reduce exposure to dust and pollutants, particularly in the region’s climatic conditions.

The episode underscores the need for public awareness campaigns, vaccination drives, and collaborative efforts between healthcare providers and authorities to create a healthier, more informed society.

Episode 4 drops on Thursday, January 18. Join the conversation and safeguard yourself against respiratory infections. You can watch the vodcast at Gulfnews.com/know-plan-go or listen to the podcast wherever you get them.