Chicken nuggets Image Credit: Getty Images

Dubai: Chicken nuggets in the UAE are safe for consumption and do not contain rubber particles, Dubai Municipality has confirmed.

The statement was issued after residents questioned the safety of chicken nuggets manufactured by the US-based manufacturer Tyson Foods.

Earlier this year, Tyson Foods recalled 18 tons of chicken nuggets from various outlets across the US after the company received complaints of rubber found in the food.

Tyson Foods voluntarily recalling all five-pound bags (2kg) of "White Meat Panko Chicken Nuggets" that were produced on November 26, 2018, according to the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

In a statement, the company spokesperson said: "A small number of consumers contacted the company to say they had found small pieces of soft, blue rubber in the nuggets, prompting the company to issue the recall. Though the pieces have been found in a very small number of packages, no injuries have been reported with this recall."

To ensure the safety of consumers, the company also announced that it recalled 36,420 pounds (18 tons) of the product last January.

In response to the safety of chicken nuggets’ consumption in the UAE, Dubai Municipality explained that the product in question was limited to cases in the US.

“Tyson Foods has removed the chicken nuggets after discovering the presence of particles from a rubber material as reported by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA),” said Dubai Municipality.

“In addition, the USDA also reported that there were no cases of illness due to the consumption of this product,” said a municipality spokesperson.

“The product was followed up by the Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality which verified that it is not available in Dubai markets and is currently not being imported from the US.”