Dubai: No fines were issued, no business was ordered closed and only six shops were warned for not posting ample social distancing stickers to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the Dubai Economy (DED) announced on Wednesday.

“In a sign of steadily increasing commitment among commercial establishments to protecting public health and safety, inspections held by the DED (on Tuesday) showed 750 businesses fully complied with the precautionary measures against COVID-19. No fines were issued for any violation of the precautionary guidelines,” the DED added.

Field inspectors from DED’s Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection sector continued their daily visits to open markets and shopping centres as the DED reiterated disciplinary actions will be enforced to deter any health protocol violation or abuse. It added: “The precautionary measures resulted in gradual return to normal and safe economic activities in Dubai, leading to the opening of all sectors and the economic reset.”

The DED also called on the public to report any non-compliance to health guidelines through the Dubai Consumer app or by calling 600545555, or by visiting