Celebrate UAE's 50th anniversary with Gulf News offer
Celebrate UAE's 50th anniversary with Gulf News offer Image Credit: Gulf News

In the mood for incredible offers as the UAE celebrates 50 years? Gulf News has a fantastic digital subscription at AED50 for two years. Subscribe now to enjoy unlimited access to all the content we have.

Abdul Hamid Ahmad, CEO and Editor-in-chief of Gulf News explained:

"Gulf News launched its digital subscription this year. The media house has always believed in innovation and the digital subscription was one among those strategic moves.

"We have served our readers for more than 40 years with trusted, fact-checked journalism. Even in this day and age, when news sites prioritise speed to market, we break news only after fact checking and confirmation from all sources.

"Our prices have been competitive, be it print or digital subscription. We have always kept the readers' interest in mind. And as we celebrate a very special occasion of 50 golden years of the UAE, Gulf News is offering a special package: an annual subscription offer of AED 50 for two years.

"We have in-depth content and exclusive reports, and we hope you our readers will continue to support our journalism for many years to come."

So, how do you get this offer? Well, it's really easy....

Non subscribers: To avail the Year of 50th offer:

Select the two-year plan worth AED 79 and on checkout use the promo code GN50.

To subscribe, click here.

If you are already a subscriber: Go to your profile and name, then click Upgrade. Your remaining days/months will be adjusted on pro rata basis.

To subscribe, click here.

The two year offer is currently not available on the Gulf News app due to technical issues. Please go to our desktop site or mobile site to avail of this offer.

Let's celebrate with trusted journalism and uninterrupted reading.