Dubai: Tired of pushing the push cart while shopping? Sweat no more. Dubai will soon introduce smart trolleys that will move automatically and follow the customers.

Dubai Municipality on Monday unveiled the smart trolley during the opening of the 10th edition of the World of Perishables (WOP) at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The smart trolley system will be introduced in the upcoming complex in Dubai’s Central Fruit and Vegetable Market in Al Aweer (Market 3).

It can identify the shopper, who wants to buy vegetables and fruits, and then chase him/her during shopping, without the shoppers having to push the trolley and deliver the goods to their cars.

“This results in a reduction in the number of workers in the market, and improves satisfaction with Dubai Municipality’s services and market management,” the civic body said in a press release.

Smart Table

The municipality also unveiled a smart table project at the exhibition.

The smart table will be located in the air-conditioned sales areas of the upcoming market, it said.

It is a table that gives remote information to Municipality inspectors about the presence of damaged vegetables and fruits that need to be examined by linking them to the food information network that runs through the country’s ports.

It can also give information to the public about the displayed vegetables and fruits such as the country of origin and the expiry date through the bar code sticker on the vegetable or the fruit.

Smart hand

The third smart project announced during the event is the Smart Hand Device.

There are three platforms in the market for loading and unloading. The idea behind the Smart Hand Device is to find a fast and safe way to load and unload goods instead doing it manually that makes porters vulnerable to injuries. It also reduces time and effort, and achieves customer satisfaction, the municipality said.

Dawood Al Hajiri, director general of Dubai Municipality, opened the three day exhibition in the presence of Thomas Kufen, mayor of the German city of Essen, and other senior officials.