Drone name: Health Sector

Maker: Mishal Al Marzouqi, Saeed Al Nazari

Service: Transport blood for transfusions, mobile pharmacies, and supplies during emergencies

Size: Around 2ft

Altitude: 500m

Max flight speed: 10km/h to 20km/h

Flight duration: up to 40 minutes

Max payload: 10kg

Savings: up to more than 50 per cent of transport time

Drone name: Fully Automated Parking System

Maker: Mohammad Darweesh and team

Service: Monitors parking lots for free spaces and potential violators and penalises then immediately

Size: “One of the smallest”

Weight: 1.2kg

Flight Duration: 25 min

Savings: Saves manpower as it can scan 120 cars per minute using the Salik tag. The 10-hour duty of every parking inspector can be reduced to a 10-minute job by a drone; saves up to Dh170 million per year in personnel salaries

Drone name: Sanad

Maker: Mansour Al Baloushi and team

Service: Can be used in critical life-saving missions, particularly in beach rescues

Size: One of the biggest; exact dimensions not released

Maximum payload: Up to 45kg, but can be modified to carry up to 100kg

Unique features: Capable of lifting drowning people to safety provided they meet the weight requirement

Drone name: Wadi

Maker: Martin Slosarik and team from NYU Abu Dhabi

Service: Collects data from camera traps spread across Wadi Wurayah National Park lots for free spaces and potential violators and penalises then immediately

Size: Wingspan 2.4m

Weight: 2.2kg

Flight Duration: Up to 1.5 hours

Range: Up to 40km

Max payload: 500gm

Savings: Costs Dh1 million to pay rangers to hike the Wadi Wurayah National Park yearly to collect data from camera traps. Deploying this drone that can collect important data can reduce the cost to 1/10th. The drone can also collect salinity and atmospheric data

Drone name: Site Inspection

Maker: Eman Obaid and team

Service: Monitors construction sites for violations

Size: 0.6 metre wide, side-to-side

Weight: 2.5kg

Flight Duration: 20-25 minutes

Range: 15km, height of 1km

Savings: Can save effort in monitoring violations at construction sites, including during mandatory rest periods for summer months