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Victoria English School, Sharjah Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: After weeks of e-learning in UAE, students in Sharjah managed to have a virtual general assembly to lift their spirits.

Victoria English School in Sharjah (VES) on Tuesday gathered aaround 300 students to stand in front of their devices for the UAE national anthem like they were doing it when they would attend schools physically.

Keith Sykes, Headteacher at VES, told his students and teachers to gear up for the first virtual assembly .

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Keith Sykes Image Credit: Supplied

“We will try a get a real live assembly together. Gather around the cameras and turn it on. Lets see how it goes, but hopefully will see as many people as possible. Remember to mute your microphone and raise your hand if you have a question,” Skyes told his students on the school’s social media channels.

He promised to have a weekly virtual assembly during the academic year.

“We will try to stay motivated and do well and proogress with our online learning. Try to enjoy your learning,” he said to students.

On Tuesday, VES’ headteacher played the UAE national anthem from his laptop and broadcast it live on Zoom app to several students and teachers.

“It was a wonderful live assembly with students and teachers. What a successful morning. Live assemblies to come,” the school said on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Carla Pozza head of Primary at VES, told Gulf News, that connection with students is a major element to have a successful online learning.

“I’m proud of our school’s teachers, students and their families of being supportive in the new experience of e-learning. We keen to have a proper connection with everyone,” Pozza said.