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Established in 1972, the American Community School of Abu Dhabi (ACS), is a non-profit, US accredited college-preparatory school. ACS offers a comprehensive, American standards-based educational curriculum for 1,200 students ages 4-18 representing more than 62 nationalities.

ACS is recognised as a leader among its international educational peers around the world, providing students with a balanced learning programme to foster excellence in academics, the arts, athletics, and service-learning. Service learning is a unique and emphasised pillar at ACS providing opportunities for students to participate in projects that have a positive impact within the school, our local community and the world. For its commitment to innovation, ACS won the 2021 Future-Thinking Innovators Award presented by the International School Awards.

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Curriculum Awarded Outstanding by the KHDA for Personal Social Development, Parent Relations and Health and Safety, ASCS NAS is also the only American curriculum school in Nad Al Sheba.

Rewards structure for gifted students Students’ achievement is celebrated in the school by awarding merit-based medals, certificates and trophies, at various presentations and ceremonies held throughout the year.

Innovations in education The school moves beyond using technology as a substitution and is optimised as a learning tool where it embeds the Apple Elements of Learning, to enhance feedback, foster teamwork and develop critical thinking, along with targeting each students’ unique learning gaps through personalised assignments provided via our online platform.

Extra-curricular activities ASCS provides various extra-curricular activities such as educational field trips and fairs, academic, sports, art and cooking competitions, cultural days and a unique Qur’an memorisation program to support the overall academic, physical, social and psychological development of students.

Modes of inclusion The highly qualified Inclusion Team serves students with special needs and whose proficiency in English acts as a barrier to them accessing the curriculum. It also works with specialist centres across Dubai to ensure that therapy and expertise are available to parents at discounted rates.

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Curriculum PreK-12, US Curriculum

Total number of students + no. of students per class 1,950 (Class size 14-24)

Rewards structure for gifted/talented students ASD organises recognition, awards, and graduation ceremonies to honour individual students and teams for their achievements (including international achievements) in academics, athletics, arts, community services, and more. ASD provides students opportunities to pursue their passion and participate in local and international activities, conferences, competitions, and festivals.

Innovations in education Flexible learning spaces in the elementary school, design thinking and inquiry-based learning in the middle school. The high school offers 25 advanced placement (AP) classes, AP Capstone, and global online learning programs.

Extracurricular activities Students can pursue their interests with numerous extracurricular opportunities in the arts, athletics, aquatics, and campus recreation — as well as help to support their community through student organisations.

Awards and recognitions Middle States Association’s Program of Distinction in Service Learning 2020; Zayed Sustainability Prize (ZSP)Global High Schools Category (MENA Region) Award 2019; Best American Curriculum School of the Year 2019; Winner of the Expo 2020 Sustainability Champions Competition 2018.

Modes of inclusion An international community of nearly 80 nationalities, the culture of inclusion is founded on a personalised approach to meeting students’social, emotional, physical, and academic needs so that every student is challenged and inspired, and so that every student has access to the education they deserve.

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Curriculum CBSE Indian curriculum that includes creative arts, STEAM, performing arts and music. Mindfulness, sustainability, innovation and reading are other key areas that are embedded in the curriculum.

Total number of students 700

Total number of students per class 25 in KG and 30 from grade 1 upwards.

Reward structure for gifted/talented students Extra challenging activities beyond the scope of the syllabus and exemptions from classes for students with talents in particular fields.

Extra-curricular activities Football, athletics, badminton, table tennis, basketball, music, performing arts, creative arts, ICT and STEAM are some of the extra-curricular activities.

Awards and recognition Positioned as the highest ‘developed’, by KHDA while evaluating the distance learning programme.

Modes of inclusion The Amity School Dubai Inclusion practice aligns effectively with KHDA’s Inclusive Education Policy Framework. A team of specialists and mainstream teachers guided by an Inclusion Champion creates multiple ways of representing content to students. The learning spaces are designed to facilitate inclusive learning seamlessly.

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Curriculum American Curriculum. Grades 11 and 12 have the option of pursuing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Total number of students Third year of operation, 400 students. Average class size of 15 with 1:7 student/teacher ratio.

Class size Class sizes range depending on age.

Reward structure for gifted and talented students Dunecrest offers differentiated learning in-class for talented students, learning support and English Language Learners (ELL).

Modes of inclusion The school operates on a philosophy that we are all part of the Dunecrest family and that our experiences and learning is richer because we are all different.

Innovations in education The school infuses our innovative, project-based approach to learning with our distinct CREST values in order to develop happy, thoughtful, successful citizens of the world.

STEAM-led, cross curricular units | Authentic, real-world problem solving | Million Solar Stars Science and Service | Green Bronx Machine – hydroponic productive gardens | Visiting MIT graduate students for computer science | Grade 11 Symposium | Dunecrest XL service-led, week without walls

Extra-curriculars 100 teams, lessons and activities including fine and performing arts, languages, robotics, student council, Model UN, gardening and technology clubs International, competitive and intermural sports across three seasons.

Awards and recognition Candidate school for the National Honors Society; Accredited by MSA-CESS IB World School

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Curriculum International Baccalaureate (PYP, MYP, DP & CP).

Total number of students + no. of students per class 485 total students, 12-22 students per class.

Rewards structure for gifted/talented students The three basic ways of meeting the needs of these students are through differentiated learning, enrichment and extension. Differentiation consists of enabling students to access work which is more challenging. Teachers, through differentiation, proactively adjust teaching and learning methods to accommodate each child’s learning needs and preferences in order to help them achieve maximum growth as a learner. At Fairgreen we also focus on enrichment and extension as the two main strategies for meeting the needs of gifted and talented students.

Enrichment consists of broadening a student’s education. This can consist of enabling a student to study multiple topics with the purpose of making connections and building new knowledge, or making connections to other subjects. Extension occurs when students are encouraged to develop more sophisticated thinking and reasoning skills.

Innovations in education Fairgreen is a pioneering education community with a mission to embrace and promote sustainability in all its forms, emphasising care of self, care for others and care for the planet.

Extracurricular activities During a typical school year, Fairgreen offers a roster of 25+ sports and after school activities.

Awards and recognition Common Sense School for Digital Literacy recognition, Dr Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Award, Winner of Best Use of Technology Award.

Modes of Inclusion Fairgreen International School provides a standard service of one head of inclusion/learning support teacher, one learning support teacher and one learning support assistant. We also have one head of school counseling. Additionally the school has processes in place to enable initial screening of needs, to develop Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and to provide one-to-one or small group support. The services of these professionals is free of charge to the Fairgreen community. The school provides support Graduated Response Model. The Inclusion Team works in collaboration with classroom and specialist teachers to provide differentiated support for students. Scaffolds and accommodations are developed to offer students access to the curriculum appropriate for their learning needs. Targeted and intensive support is co-ordinated with all relevant parties and personalised to meet the needs of individual learners.

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The German International School Dubai (DISD) is a private school teaching the German Curriculum leading to the Abitur, which is accepted in the top tuition-free Universities in Germany and in Universities worldwide. DISD is an “Excellent German School Abroad” recognised by the German government. Its diverse student body holds 750 students from Pre-KG to grade 12, with classes averaging to 18 students.

DISD fosters the unique German engineering spirit and aspires STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) excellence. It is equipped with modern science labs, two libraries and state-of-the-art sports facilities to provide an inspiring learning environment. These are well complemented by extra-curriculars, including successful sports teams and a holistic approach towards art and culture.

DISD is an inclusive school community of educators and families that works together to create an outstanding learning environment, focusing on the well-being and progress of every student.

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Liwa International School Al Mushrif

Curriculum American Curriculum

Total number of students + no. of students per class 428 — Average 22 students/class

Rewards structure for gifted/talented students Student highlights on social media, appreciation ceremonies, and field trips as incentives.

Innovations in education We encourage creativity and opportunities through a flexible curriculum, open-ended questions, and relating to real-world problems. We have long incorporated technology in our curriculum, which made for a smooth transitioning to online learning.

Extracurricular activities Public speaking, environment, charity, national identity, STEM, math, cooking, drama, art, and IT Clubs.

Modes of inclusion Students of determination are fully integrated in our classrooms with the help of TA’s where needed. We have sensory rooms for students with sensory issues and we support the development of fine and gross motor skills.

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Curriculum American Education Reaches Out (AERO) Common Core Plus

Total number of students + no. of students per class 1,110 students; maximum of 20 students per class and 10 students per cluster KG.

Innovations in education Inquiry-based teaching emphasises the student’s role in the learning process — they are actively encouraged to explore, ask and research.

Extracurricular activities Provided by a third-party as per DHA regulation.

Awards and recognition NEASC accreditation, National Honor Society membership, KHDA highest rating ‘Developed’ for Distance Learning program.

Modes of inclusion Three modes — General Support Services, Targeted Intervention and Intensive Intervention Support.

Nibras International School (NIS) caters to KG through to Grade 12, offering a rigorous American education through the American Education Reaches Out (AERO) Common Core Plus programme. Quality and experienced teachers with American and international experience practice inquiry-based teaching that emphasises the student’s role in the learning process — they are actively encouraged to explore, ask and research. NIS is one of the few schools in Dubai accredited by NEASC, a globally recognised standard of excellence and integrity; and is also a member of the National Honour Society (NHS). The Distance Learning Provision at NIS has been given a Developed Rating — the highest possible rating by the KHDA.

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Curriculum British National Curriculum, GCSEs, IGCSEs, A Levels and BTEC

Rewards structure for gifted/talented students We reward and recognise all our students, so they not only shine academically but also flourish in life. Specifically, for the gifted and talented students we have resource rooms to access ‘stretch’ activities and programmes, access to specialist teachers, and signature programmes where students use and apply STEAM beyond the classroom.

Innovations in education Regent’s primary and secondary departments provide a cutting-edge curriculum where children “learn by doing”. They develop the 5C’s — critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and commitment — essential to becoming leaders, thinkers and inventors in today’s tech-driven world. The school’s signature programmes, include, Positive Education Ethos, STEAM and project-based learning, creative and performing arts concentration, virtual and augmented reality, extracurriculars and enrichment and Fortes AI learning platform.

Extracurricular activities Regent offers over 60 extracurricular activities to suit every child’s interests, which include: Duke of Edinburgh Award activities, participation in TEDx, sports, performing arts, drama, dance, ballet, music, World Scholars Club, Model UN, student newspaper, rock band, and so much more.

Awards and recognition With a rich history of over 27 years, Regent is recognised as one of the leading and most innovative schools in the region as well as a global leader in Positive Education. It is rated “Outstanding” by the British School Overseas Inspection Authority and “Very Good” by KHDA.

Modes of inclusion Regent personalises our programme so that each student is perfectly positioned to achieve their very best possible outcomes and most appropriate route to study for the future.

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Curriculum IB Diploma, IB Career-related Programme, GCSE, A Levels and BTEC.

Innovations in education Multiple Academic Pathways, AI Learning, AR/VR, Mini MBA, Project-Based Learning, Careers Rising Workshops.

Extracurricular activities TEDx, robotics, coding, the arts, music, sports and more.

Student awards and recognition The World’s Best Debater Title, The Nikon Choice Award Winner, Outstanding Pearson Learner Award.

Modes of inclusion Interventions for literacy, interventions for mathematics, speaking and listening, social skills, motor skills.

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Curriculum National curriculum for England, EYFS, BTEC, IB.

Total number of students + no. of students per class 640, with 24 per class.

Innovations in education The school hosts multiple-themed weeks of whole school learning, like the Mantle of the Expert and Drama Workshop Week. The secondary pupils have access to many leadership events and ISP International Learning Opportunities. The Hydroponics farm allows pupils to engage in lessons and experiences that teach them about their role towards the environment and sustainability.

Extracurricular activities The school has a selection of activities that are run by teachers. Our pupils choose these based on their interests and they are provided free of charge. We also have an external provider, Smash Sports, who also provides a range of paid activities that our pupils can enroll in.

Awards and recognition Aquila always celebrates the progress of its children with golden time, golden tickets, Aquila awards for amazing learning. They also compete internally in the readers cup, and subject competitions.

Modes of inclusion The school works closely with Hemam (specialist inclusion centre for children with high needs), and we have our own inclusion department. We also implement IEP, and provide EAL support.

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Curriculum British Curriculum

Total number of students + no. of students per class 799 and max of 25 per class

Rewards structure for gifted/talented students No ‘rewards’ structure per se (the school doesn’t believe in rewarding for attainment — rewards are based upon effort) — however, we do have a comprehensive More Able, Gifted and Talented provision, run by a dedicated member of the schools inclusion department, which includes children receiving additional lessons to ensure they are stretched and challenged.

Innovations in education VHPS has one of the region’s most established 1:1 Chromebook provisions, running from Year 2 to Year 6. As a Google Reference School, VHPS has been recognised for its efforts in this area.

Extracurricular activities Pre-Covid, all children were entitled to two ECAs per week, alongside a third Arabic ECA. There were also a number of sports squads, including swimming. The fantastic PE department oversaw a wonderful second place in the most recent edition of the BSME Small School Games — with VHPS winning the overall swim gala.

Awards and recognition The Principal Sasha Crabb, has won the Principal of the Year award twice since the school was founded in 2013. The Assistant Head Teacher was recognised in The Knowledge Review as one of the 10 most influential education leaders in the UAE in 2019. In 2015, VHPS was privileged to be named the “Best in older childhood education” in the Mother, Baby and Child — Top Mums Choice Award. VHPS was also a Finalist — ‘Outstanding Strategic Initiative’ at the British International School Awards 2017/18.

Modes of inclusion At VHPS there is a whole school approach to inclusion, which means all staff and children are responsible and accountable within the school. At the forefront of this, quality first teaching and curriculum modification from outstanding teachers takes place in all classrooms to meet the diverse needs of all children.

VHPS has a dedicated inclusion team comprising teachers and learning support assistants whereby additional support sessions are implemented to facilitate and develop the academic, social and emotional needs and the well-being of all. This is done in a variety of ways such as in-class support, small group sessions and/or one-to-one sessions.