Liwa Advertorial_Dr Shereen
Dr Shereen Gobran, CEO of Liwa Education and Director of Liwa International Schools and Umm Ammar International School Image Credit: Supplied

Dr Shereen Gobran, CEO of Liwa Education and Director of Liwa International Schools and Umm Ammar International School, offers us insights into the prestigious education group’s operations. Excerpts.

How do you ensure children are as engaged as possible during lessons?

In our schools teaching is focused on ensuring all students are challenged and make progress irrespective of their ability.

We offer student-centered teaching, which minimises teacher talk time and supports students to work independently and collaboratively, as well as under clear instructions from the teachers.

We also use a wide variety of learning resources, including technology, practical equipment and learning aids, while relating the international curriculum to a local setting to ensure that the UAE’s national agenda of education is also met.

What after-school activities do you offer in your schools?

A variety of sporting activities, as well as the arts, music and crafts are available in our schools, with a focus on those that spark student interests and help develop a set of well-rounded skills.

We offer both academic and enrichment activities as extracurricular activities.

How do you ensure you have the best quality of teaching staff possible?

A school can only be as good as the people it employs, therefore the recruitment and retention of staff is something which Liwa Education takes seriously. It continuously strives to improve through review and development of its internal systems, as well as gathering feedback from the appointed staff. Our rigorous recruitment process includes national and international advertising, which also seeks to raise awareness and understanding of the Liwa brand.

Finally, what is your strategy when it comes to helping students with the skills for the future?

We prepare students for the real world through the planning and delivery of a robust curriculum, which promotes skill development, as well as knowledge and understanding of subjects both inside and outside the curriculum. These skills are in line with the Abu Dhabi Student Competency Framework, which includes critical thinking, creativity, innovation, problem solving, communication skills, self-confidence and global and environmental awareness.

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