UAE school deliveries in hazmat suits
UAE school deliveries in hazmat suits Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Schools can deliver textbooks to parents or have them collected, according to updated rules covering distance learning.

Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) recently posted the permission on its webpage,, set up for updates on common questions and new developments.

The latest guidance follows an earlier circular stopping all education providers from exchanging “all types of paper materials” with students until further notice.

Schools are currently closed and exchanging papers with students is prohibited to limit the spread of coronavirus, with distance learning taking place till end of term.

However, adhering to “strict health and safety guidelines”, schools have been allowed to deliver new textbooks during the period of distance learning, which recently saw the beginning of a new semester.

The KHDA says online, “Schools may choose to deliver books or ask parents to pick them up. In both situations, strict health and safety guidelines must be followed. Schools are adhering to these guidelines when packaging and delivering books. If books are delivered, they must be received by an adult. Both the delivery driver and the adult must wear masks and gloves when exchanging books. The receipt will be sent online after delivery has taken place. Schools are aware of these regulations.”

It comes days after the Ministry of Education announced that performance of homework will take place only through its smart learning portal, thereby eliminating paper materials and doing away with the need to print worksheets. An official said the move will also “reduce students’ contact with the external environment due to the health risks that this may cause”.