Abu Dhabi Police warn motorists to avoid 'double' parking blocking other vehicles outside mosques. Image Credit: ADP

Abu Dhabi: Motorists must avoid parking near mosques during the nightly Taraweeh prayers in a manner that blocks other vehicles, or the entryways to parking lots, the Abu Dhabi Police have urged.

Common offence

In a social media alert, the Police said that illegal parking practices at the time of the Taraweeh, as worshippers rush to join the congregational prayers at mosques, are the most common negative road behaviours during the holy month. They result in traffic congestion, and lead to frequent complaints from residents.

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Illegal behaviours

Parking around mosques is free in Abu Dhabi at the times of congregational prayer. But some motorists block other legally parked vehicles, while others obstruct entryways and impede the flow of vehicular traffic.

The Police have, therefore, called upon motorists to fully comply with traffic regulations, and to park legally near mosques.

“This will help provide a safe environment for all, and ensure that your road behaviour is not an inconvenience for others during the holy month,” the Police added.