Phone scam
Police have warned residents against falling victim to scammers. Image Credit: Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Five Asians have been arrested for scamming others over the phone in order to gain access to their bank accounts and steal funds.

The ‘gang’, which included a woman, were arrested by Abu Dhabi Police, in cooperation with Ajman Police. During the arrest, the authorities discovered a number of cell phones, equipment and calling cards used by the scammers.

Brigadier General Muhammad Suhail Al Rashidi, director of the Abu Dhabi Police criminal security sector, said the authorities will continue to be vigilant against those who prey on members of society. He also thanked the Ajman Police for their aid in nabbing the scammers.

Brigadier General Imran Ahmed Al Mazrouei, director of criminal investigations at the Abu Dhabi Police, warned residents against falling victim to scammers. He urged residents not to disclose their confidential banking and credit card details over the phone. In many instances, scammers obtain the information by first informing the resident that their bank accounts have been frozen, or that their cards have been blocked. Once they have get the access information, the scammers use it to transfer money out to their own accounts. Al Mazrouei said that a number of unfortunate victims had reported this modus operandi to the authorities.

Al Mazrouei said residents should not respond to such calls, and especially refrain from divulging personal information and banking details over the phone. The official explained that banks do not ask clients to update banking data over the phone, and that residents should visit the bank in person, as a matter of security, when they need to amend their personal information.

Residents can also apprise the Abu Dhabi Police of scam calls they receive by contacting authorities toll free on the Aman service at 8002626, or by sending an SMS to 2828. In cases where they have lost funds, victims must also inform the bank, and report to the nearest police station.