Baiju Gopalan
Baiju Gopalan Image Credit: Social media

Thiruvananthapuram: Baiju Gopalan, son of business honcho Gokulam Gopalan, is presently lodged in UAE jail for forging documents, media reports from India says.

However, there is no official confirmation on this from the UAE authorities yet.

Gokulam Gopalan senior, is a millionaire with huge interests in chit funds, owns hospitals, hotels, jewellery shops, and is a leading producer and distributor in the South Indian film industry.

Baiju Gopalan has business interests in the UAE. The UAE authorities enforced a travel ban on him in a bounced cheque case after which he is unable to travel out of the Emirates.

Two weeks back, however, Baiju Gopalan was caught by officials at the Oman-UAE border when he was trying to leave the country by road.

With the immigration officials finding his documents to be suspect, he was taken into custody by the Oman Police and was handed over to the UAE authorities. He is now lodged in a jail in Al Ain city, reports say.   

Gokulam Gopalan is now reportedly in the UAE trying to secure bail for his son.

This development comes at a time when Gokulam Gopalan's business rival Vellapally Natesan's son, Tushar Vellapally, is also facing a travel ban in the UAE in a bounced cheque case. He is currently out of jail on bail.