Dubai: Two men have been accused of attempting to steal an earphone and an iPad on Christmas Day before their bid was foiled after a security guard spotted them on CCTV.

The Indian security guard at a mall was said to be in the surveillance room when he spotted the two men approaching the electronics section of a store in December.

The Indian suspects, a 29-year-old jobless man and a 30-year-old visitor, picked an earphone and an iPad off the shelves, according to records, and headed towards the camping gear section.

The duo were believed to have picked up a pair of scissors from there to remove the tags of the earphone and the iPad.

Once they did so, the alarm system set off, they dropped the items and started running out but the security guard, and his colleagues restrained the duo and handed them over to the police.

Prosecutors charged the suspects with attempting to steal a Dh380 worth earphone and a Dh2,000 worth iPad.

When the suspects appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance, they pleaded guilty and admitted that they had tried to steal the two items.

The suspects contended before presiding judge Urfan Omar that they paid the store a sum of money and had reached an amicable settlement.

They told the presiding judge that the store had waived the complaint against them.

The guard told prosecutors that the suspects took the earphone and iPad from the electronics section.

“Then they went to the camping gear section, from where they took a pair of scissors to cut the price tags so they could take the stolen items with then. When the alarm system went off they dropped the items and ran out of the store. I chased the suspects along with my colleagues and restrained them,” he told prosecutors.

A ruling in the case will be announced on January 29.