Dubai: An assistant nurse yesterday denied in court the charge of stealing a charity box from Al Memzar Hospital Clinic where she worked.

Prosecutors accused the 42-year-old Pakistani assistant nurse of attempting to steal the charity box which belonged to Bait Al Khair Charity Association.

"No that's untrue… I didn't try to steal anything. I am not guilty," contended the suspect before the Dubai Court of First Instance's Presiding Judge Fahmi Mounir yesterday.

According to the arraignment sheet, prosecutors said an Indian security guard foiled the woman's attempt to steal the box after being alerted by the sound of coins falling to the floor. "I spotted the assistant nurse after she flipped the charity box upside down and her hand was inside taking out the money... When I asked why was her hand [was] inside the box, she failed to reply and ran to the bathroom where she hid," the guard claimed in his prosecution statement.

An Emirati school director [who happened to be at the clinic] claimed she saw money in the restroom's wastebasket. "I took out the money and walked out of the bathroom, while I spoke to my daughter, the suspect came to me and took the money… she claimed that she would hand it to the management. I left the clinic. Having suspected the woman's intention, I drove back to the clinic and discovered that she didn't return the money."