Smooth drive during morning rush hours on Emirates Road after the Al Badi interchange upgrade. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: People who need to travel from one emirate to another through Dubai during the sterilisation drive, can use Emirates road, Dubai Police said on Sunday.

As patrols, radars and cameras are being used to identify violators during the 24-hours sterilisation programme in Dubai, police said they have confidence in people’s awareness of the importance of staying home and following precautionary measures and restrictions on the movement of people and vehicles around the clock for two weeks.

Dubai Police urged the public to comply with the authorities’ order and stay home unless absolutely necessary.

“Movement restrictions weren’t to stop people’s lives,” said Major General Kamel Butti Al Suwaidi, Director of Operations Department at Dubai Police. “Police look with flexibility to a specific number of cases like allowing people to use Emirates Road when traveling from one emirate to another through Dubai.

“It is very important for everyone to stay home during the sterlisation programme,” he said, before adding police also have the ability to identify the movements of individuals caught by radar, and that people who go to buy essentials like food, medicine or to make hospital visits need to have a proof.

“Dubai Police can identify people’s path during the sterlisation programme. For example if someone claimed that he was going to visit his mother or sick father, then it is normal he will follow a direct path to his parents’ house. Even the employee in the exception sectors his path is clear from home to work. In both scenarios police can identify if he stuck to his path or not,” Maj Gen Al Suwaidi added.

Dubai Police said that the order was clear and that it aimed to promote physical distance, because this is the main precautionary measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“People should stay home and follow instructions. We believe people will support the precautionary orders. Supporting the country’s effort by the society is basic pillar of success and to ensure their safety,” Maj Gen Al Suwaidi added.

Tips from Dubai Police

Earlier Dubai Police responded to people’s questions on social media platforms about the movement restrictions measures.

Dubai Police stressed that you shouldn’t go out unless it is absolutely necessary and if you do it should be just one member of the family who goes to collect essential grocery or medical requirements.

Gulf News called Dubai Police on its non-emergency number for questions and the officials said that there would be radars to catch violators. If you go to buy necessities, officials said, try to reduce the amount of times you go and buy enough so you need not go daily.

Keep valid proof with you, such as the bill, as proof to object any fine in the future. People need to wear gloves and masks and keep safe distance.